We at Worth-A-Shot do our best to keep a full selection of firearms in stock and available for our customers. GUNS

However, every now and then you may want a firearm that we do not have in stock. In that case, we can always do a firearms

transfer (also called an FFL Transfer) for you.

For instance, if you see a firearm online that you have to have, we can assist you with the process. Here’s how it works:

1. Find the gun of your dreams online.

Proceed to make the purchase of the firearm. [Sometimes, the online Dealer may request the FFL (Federal Firearm Licensee) information first. In that case, simply give us a call (443-688-6521) and we will complete the transfer process for you.]

2. After you purchase the firearm.

Give us a call and let us know that you made the purchase. Online dealers sometimes request that you (the customer) supply the FFL information. No need to worry about that. Just give us a call and we will complete the transfer process for you. (You’re welcome!)


Once we complete the process (usually the same day that you call us), then it is just a matter of waiting to receive the firearm from the shipper. Patience is a virtue at this point; sometimes dealers can take up to a week or more to ship the firearm. However, once we receive the firearm AND complete the necessary administrative paperwork on our end, we will give you a call.

(Important note: When a firearm is received in our store, it is normally electronically signed for. This sends an immediate and automatic notification to the customer as to the package’s delivery. But keep in mind, there are administrative processes that we have to follow before we can release any firearms. Please do not call us when you receive your electronic notification of delivery. Bear in mind that we still have to process the order, and we will notify you when your firearm is ready for pick-up or when you can do your paperwork on the firearm. Normally, we will call you in a day or two after receiving your firearm.)

Transfer Fees:
–All transfers TO our store start at $75.00 (per firearm transferred).
–If the firearm is a “regulated” firearm, then there is an additional $10.00 fee for the MD State Police background check.
–Most handguns will require a special, State-mandated lock.